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Feeding Liverpool: New NHS Healthy Start Video

Feeding Liverpool: New NHS Healthy Start Video

Feeding Liverpool is the city of Liverpool’s food alliance, connecting and equipping people and organisations to work towards good food for all.

They have created a new NHS Healthy Start video aimed at families to promote the scheme and increase uptake across the city.

The link for the video is here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnKlxuwpoxw&t=3s

The NHS Healthy Start is a national scheme that provides support for eligible families and those who are pregnant to buy healthy food and milk. Healthy Start includes a pre-paid card which is allocated £4.25 per week (£8.50 during the first year of a child’s life) to be spent on milk, fruit, vegetables and infant formula. Access to free Healthy Start vitamins are also included.

The video they have created explains what the NHS Healthy Start scheme is to families, how to apply and where to use their cards across Liverpool.

As an additional resource, they have also updated their website pages – one website page for professionals and the other for those wanting to apply for the scheme.

Published On: 7th March 2024