Our CEO and Founder of Mpower People CIC, Michelle Smith was named as one of Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise.

Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise 2022 List

Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise 2022 List

Introducing Women Trailblazers

March 8, 2022 — On the International Women’s Day, Euclid Network (EN) reveals the anticipated Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise 2022 List featuring women leaders excelling in the areas of social entrepreneurship and social innovation. 


Social entrepreneurs and social innovators have long supported their communities and contributed towards achieving the UN SDGs. Their need for their services was deepened during the global health crisis. Impact-driven leaders became pioneers and continuously provided vital services for their communities. They are now leading blazing the trail towards a greener and more digital and equitable society. 


Women leaders have shown tremendous fortitude and vigour in achieving the societal goals as well their respective organisations’ missions. Inspired by their accomplishments, EN launched The Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise initiative. Through this initiative, EN celebrates women in the social enterprise sector, spotlighting their impact journey and achievements. After a successful pilot, Top 100 Women in SE is back with the second edition of the project to highlight outstanding innovations by women leaders across the sector. 


Find out who made it to the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise 2022 list HERE!


Based on over 500 answers from an open nomination call, an esteemed jury selected 100 women who stood out as having created significant positive social and/or environmental impact. The chosen women developed and successfully implemented projects aimed at improving sector-practices and achieving the SDGs. Their innovative approaches are adaptable and sustainable and therefore, have the potential to continue creating positive impact over a long period of time.


The Top 100 Women in SE initiative was developed in collaboration with Empow’her and is implemented with support from European Confederation of Inclusive Enterprises, European Disability Forum,  Pioneers Post and We Make Change.

Our CEO and Founder of Mpower People CIC, Michelle Smith was named in the list, see her acceptance video here!


*Euclid Network (EN) is the European Social Enterprise Network. Founded in 2007, EN has been a frontrunner in shaping the European impact ecosystem in the past decade. The global community of changemakers is growing and so is our network: our members represent over 100,000 organisations in 21 countries throughout Europe and beyond.

Together with its members, EN strives towards an economy that works for people and the planet in support of all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, making an impact on its daily business. Our vision is to see social entrepreneurship and social innovation pave the way for a new green and just economy. 

Published On: 8th March 2022

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