Our CEO and Founder of Mpower People CIC, Michelle Smith was named as one of Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise.

Mpowered Progress – new project funded by WEA and ESF for June to Feb 2022.

Who are we?

Mpower People CIC is a mental health support organisation providing person-centred projects to support people to gain skills, improve confidence and enter employment or lead healthier lives.

As a UK Online Centre supporting over 300 people a year to increase their digital skills and accredited training provider we have over a decade of experience, working with unemployed people and providing training to employers both in the private and voluntary sectors.

We are also a EUSS Digital Assistance Centre to support EU citizens and their families to remain in the UK after it leaves the EU.

Mpower People CIC supports over 300 people across Merseyside.  Our clients encompass a wide array of disadvantaged groups, including (but not limited to):

  • Disabled people
  • People with learning difficulties
  • Mental health conditions
  • Older, vulnerable people
  • Carers
  • Victims of Domestic Violence
  • People living in poverty
  • Homeless People / Those at risk of eviction.

We also work with Employers, both Private and Voluntary sector, to offer recruitment consultancy and deliver training to increase diversity within workforces. Our track record includes supporting over 900 people into work, nearly 100 people to start volunteering, over 1500 people to access training and providing business support to people leading to over 200 businesses to be created over the last 12 years.

So what is this new project?

Mpower People CIC’s “Mpowered Progress “ project will support unemployed people by providing training on becoming resilient, developing new skills, managing their health, and stepping closer to employment, tailored to suit each individual’s needs and aspirations.

We understand that each of our clients have different needs and aspirations and therefore each learner journey may vary according to individual’s needs but training may include:

  • “Less Anxious, More Confident” workshops. Aims include: learning strategies to reduce anxiety and build confidence through performance and dialogue and “Positive Self-Image” workshops. Aims include: positive self-thinking, learning to highlight personal qualities, where negative self-image originates and how to change it with our partners Dramatic Recovery


  • Employment Support or Self Employment Support for people wishing to explore creating an income from their skills, especially


  • ICT skills and specific IT training for learners with more advanced needs.


  • Guest speakers/experts in different topics and run mini training sessions such as personal finance management or Equality and Diversity according to the clients’ needs.


So who can join this project?

The project is for unemployed or economically inactive people, aged 19 years and over, who are legally resident in the UK and able to take up paid employment in an EU member state.

Participants within a furlough scheme are not eligible for this project.

All participants should be resident in Merseyside.


How do I register?

Contact Michelle via telephone on 07868166449 or via email michelle@mpowerpeople.co.uk to arrange an informal chat to discuss your needs.


Published On: 1st June 2021

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