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Eligible patients in Liverpool urged to book Covid vaccine now



Below is a short update about Covid-19 and the vaccination programme in Liverpool, which you might find useful.


Who is eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine now?

Anyone in Liverpool who is eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine, but who hasn’t booked their first dose, is being asked to make an appointment as soon as possible by the NHS.


Members of the public can have the vaccine now, if they are:

  • Aged 50 or over
  • Clinically extremely vulnerable (asked to shield)
  • Aged 16–64 with an underlying condition that puts them more at risk from Covid
  • An unpaid carer

Groups of Liverpool GP practices are working together to invite patients to a network of local vaccination sites across the city. Eligible people will automatically be contacted by text, phone or letter – they don’t need to phone their own GP to request the vaccine.


Alternatively, some people may have received a letter or text message inviting them to access the national booking system at www.nhs.uk/covidvaccine and can use the link provided to them or call 119 to choose a slot at one of a number of sites across the region.


All vaccinations are by appointment only – no drop-ins are available.


Please be aware that people are asked not to make multiple appointments at different sites, and should always cancel any appointments they can no longer attend, so that they can be used by someone else.


About second doses

Those who will be due to have a second dose of the vaccine soon are being encouraged to make sure they attend their appointment too.


The latest guidance is that a second dose should be given between 77 and 84 days (11 to 12 weeks) after the first. People who booked their first dose through the national NHS Booking System or received their first dose at the regional vaccination centre, a local pharmacy or hospital, should have been offered a second vaccination appointment when they booked or received their first dose. If they didn’t, they can go online and book this now.


People who received their first dose at a local GP-led site will be contacted around a week and a half before their second dose is due and asked to make an appointment. This process is in place to make sure that the appointments offered to patients at GP-led sites match up with vaccine availability.


Those who are carers

Anyone in Liverpool who is already identified as a carer in their GP records, those who receive Carer’s Allowance, or those known to Liverpool City Council or Liverpool Carers Centre Local Solutions, will be automatically invited for a Covid-19 vaccination.


Anyone who thinks they might be eligible to receive a vaccine as a carer, but who doesn’t receive Carer’s Allowance or have their status recorded with any of the organisations mentioned above, should contact the Liverpool Carers Centre for help. This includes carers aged 16 – 18, as well as adult carers.


They can do this now, either by calling: 07545652775, by emailing: carersvaccine@localsolutions.org.uk or by completing an e-referral form by visiting: www.localsolutions.org.uk/carers-vaccine


Other languages and formats

You can access lots of helpful information and resources on Covid-19 and vaccination in different languages and formats here.


Further advice and support

For a list of local Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the vaccine, please visit this page.

Published On: 26th March 2021

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