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Local Liverpool News

We would like to say thank you to Paula Keaveney and Norman Mills for the local news on Liverpool that we can tell to our clientele. There is links that will take you to the source of the news on each of the different topics presented.

Road closure – Garston

You may have noticed a sign about the closure of part of Church Road in Garston (the bit going under the bridge).  This is to do work on the bridge.  The closure is set to start on 15 March and run into June.  Obviously this will mean diversions on bus routes – 80, 80a, 167, 201 – as well as diversions for drivers. Pedestrians will also need to take other routes (we understand).  At the time of writing there is no information on the bus diversions, although we will update when there is.

Planning/licensing material

We look through planning and licensing applications, committee papers and decisions and highlight items we think will be of interest.  Sometimes the details are not completely ready.  We still highlight these as readers may want to bookmark the link and go back. When material is not ready, the dates often look odd. Planning application details are mainly in a section called Related Documents (scroll down to foot of page).

Some of the items on this list are quite (or very)  old now.  We leave these on while waiting for a decision as we know that some readers are interested in these.  Newer entries are generally at the top of the list.

Application to change use of shop at 342 St Marys Road.  Comments not open yet.

The Dealers Arms on St Marys Road in Garston wants to change the hours it can sell alcohol = earlier starts and later finishes by the looks of it.  Brief details and instructions on how to comment are at this link.  Deadline 15 March.

Plans for new shop units on St Mary’s Road had an application that was not valid.  It may well come in again.

The Council’s planning committee on 19 Feb discussed plans  for changes at Dobbies.  You can see the paperwork at this link.

Plans for an extension to the Gemini Boxing Club in Speke.  Deadline for comments not open yet.

Application for an alcohol licence for a convenience store on Booker Avenue (near the junction with Brodie).  Comments closed 1 March..

Liverpool Cricket Club is asking for permission to use the events marquee past Feb 2020 (this was the date in the previous permission).  Comments were by 4 March.

Conversion of property in Heald Street, Garston.  Comments were by 27 Feb.

The Council’s planning committee decided on 29 Jan in favour of an application for housing on Garston Old Road.  The link to the minutes from the meeting is here.

New warehouse, Estuary Boulevard Speke.  Comments by 7 March

Coffee shop Speke Boulevard.  Comments closed now.

Application for changes at 98 St Marys Road.  This is the former Interchill building. Comments  closed 7 Feb.

Application for a car wash at ASDA Hunts Cross. These plans have been approved.

Plans for a digital ad display at Speke road, Garston were turned down.

Plans for the industrial estate area – York Street, Blackburne Street,  Brunswick Street area.  This is an update of material sent in earlier. Comments  were till 29 November.  Details here.  There is a story about these plans in the Liverpool Echo here.

Comments are now closed  on the plans for Riversdale Road.  Deadline was 20 December.

Plans for flats on Beechwood Road.  Comments closed 15 Nov.

Plan for a new warehouse in Speke.  Comments closed 15 Nov

Plan for housing at the Cheshire Lines Sports Club, Southmead Road, L19.  Comments closed 18 Oct.  Details here.

Registering to vote

If you are new in the area, or think you are not registered to vote, you can do this on line now.  There are local elections in May this year.  The deadline for registering is   12 April (although you only need to do this if you are not already registered) .  You can also register to vote by post.  The link to the registration information is here.

There is some useful explanatory material from Liverpool City Council here


This is the updated information about roadworks, from the City Council website.  This page tends to get updated every Friday .

Travel update 

Euston Station is closed between Good Friday and Easter Monday which affects trains on Virgin Rail and London Northwestern.  Details at this link.

Published On: 6th March 2019

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