On Sunday 9th September 2018, Mpower People CIC took part in the Rotary Fun Games in Chester at the MBNA grounds. During the event, we took part in events such as Archery, Basketball, Boccia, Golf, Penalty Shoot Out and so much more. We have created a collage of the Mpower gang taking part in the […]

A Guide To Find Out If You Or A Loved One Is Lonely

Are you unsure if a loved one, neighbour, friend or even yourself is showing signs of loneliness, there are guides online to explain the different symptoms of loneliness. Here are some links to help combat loneliness:

How To Tell If You Or A Loved One Is Lonely – ‘It Is Deeply Personal But Universal’

Behind Britain’s loneliness problem

So many people inhabit loneliness in London


If you have suffered from pregnancy lost, we have a guide for that to:

Pregnancy Loss can also be a Lonely Place

Published On: 4th October 2018