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Review of Local Health policies

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Review of local health policies – You have 13 days left to have your say


Thank you if you have already taken the time to share you views on proposed updates to 18 local health policies. If you have not yet shared your views, dont worry you still have 13 days left.


Just to recap, people in Liverpool are being asked for their views about a range of local health policies that are being updated to reflect the latest medical evidence.


We are reviewing more than 100 policies to ensure that resources are used on the treatments which work best for local people. These policies will be reviewed in batches over the next 12 months. An information leaflet about the review can be found here.


The first batch of treatments currently being reviewed includes breast reduction, breast enlargement, cataract surgery, laser tattoo removal and treatments for hairloss. The ful list is available below.

1.Abdominoplasty and apronectomy – Tummy tuck

2.Breast enlargement

3.Breast reduction

4.Cataract surgery

5.Face and Brow lift


7.Hair removal (for excessive hair growth – Hirsutism)

8.Laser tattoo removal

9.Male breast reduction

10.Male circumcision

11.Pinnaplasty – ear pinning

12.Removal of breast implants

13.Rhinoplasty – Nose job

14.Surgical body contouring – Removal of excess skin

15.Surgical correction of scars

16.Surgical removal of lipoma (fatty tissue)

17.Surgical removal of minor skin lesions

18.Surgical treatment for hair loss – hair transplantation



Please take some time to find out more about the review and engagement by looking at our website, where you can also complete an online survey. We understand that not all the policies will be relevant to you, so you can chose one or more of the policies to comment on.


If you, or someone you know, requires a paper copy of the information and survey, or you need this in a different language or format please call 0121 6123 806. You can also call this number if you would like to complete the survey over the phone.


We look forward to hearing your views.


Best wishes,


Kelly Jones

Social Value & Engagement Team



NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group

The Department, 2 Renshaw Street, Liverpool L1 2SA

web: www.liverpoolccg.nhs.uk | twitter: @liverpoolccg

web: www.healthyliverpool.nhs.uk | twitter: @HealthyLvpool

Published On: 29th August 2017