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Staying Safe Doing Your Online Christmas Shopping

Staying safe doing your online Christmas shopping 
It’s that time of year when the mad dash for buying Christmas presents begins, if like a lot of people you prefer to do your Christmas shopping online then it is important to think about your online safety before making your purchases. Here are some tips to staying safe online this Christmas –

1. Use a credit card – using a credit card offers protection that you don’t get from a debit card, so if things do wrong it means you are covered and you won’t be out of pocket.
2. Make sure you use a secure website – ensure the website you are purchasing from is secure by checking the address starts with ‘https’ (the ‘s’ stands for secure), also look out for the padlock or unbroken key symbol on the page.
3. Check the terms and conditions – make sure the company you are buying from has an up to date and robust payment, returns and cancellation policy.
4. Never save personal details – some websites will give you the option to save your personal details to make it easier for future purchases, never choose this option, if the website is hacked they may get access to sensitive information.ccccc

Published On: 7th December 2016