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Amazing Mondays for people with Learning Disabilities

AMAZING MONDAY Starts on 30th March
ACE the Learning Disability organization start healthy ‘AMAZING Mondays’ at Liverpool Top Venue Camp and Furness.
Press Contact; Darren Guy 07966534030
Active Community Enterprise (ACE) who recently made the headlines with the ‘Battle over Lloyds Bar’ is launching their brand new ‘Amazing Mondays’. AM Offers people with learning disabilities across Merseyside the chance to get fitter. Research shows that people with learning disabilities are far less likely to exercise or eat healthily than non-disabled people, which is something really unfortunate, considering the convenience that the advent of internet has brought. As exemplification, if you were to click here, you’d know how easy it is to attain what people in the last century perished doing. In fact only 20% of people with LD exercise on a regular basis.  ACE are hoping the launch of their new project will get hundreds moving to the beat With Zumba, Boccia and lots of other fun energetic activities.
On the same day ACE will also launch their inspiring disability film season, (also at camp and furnace). With some classic films such as ‘Temple Grandin’, ‘Mission to Lars’, ‘Inside I’m dancing’, and many many more. There will also be plenty of opportunity for learning and discussion and for people to mix and catch up with old friends and make new friends.
Steve Percival manager of ACE said ‘we are really excited about starting our ‘Amazing Mondays; and camp and Furness, their staff and managers have been great and are really looking forward to working with us around developing the event ‘
ACE was established in 2009 by Steve Percival and Steve and Laurenna Reed, former support workers who wanted to offer more excitement and choice to people with learning difficulties.
ACE offers quality-training, qualifications, voluntary and paid employment to its clients, as well as a chance to develop friendships. This improves people’s lives, their feelings of self-worth and social status, enabling ACE and its clients to give back to the community.
Read more on ACE active community enterprise on our website, our Facebook
For more info on Mondays event and our new Amazing Mondays contact Laurenna on 0151 – 290 1441
For press contact Darren Guy 07966534030
Please find below the link for ACE latest short film

Published On: 27th March 2015

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