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The ‘Working it out’ programme

Tomorrow’s People are a national charity that has helped change the lives of over 400,000 since it was established in 1984. They engage with the people under the age of twenty five, giving them one to one support in their own community, helping them find the right job or training.

Helping young people is a fundamental part of what they do; one of the main programmes on Merseyside is ‘Working It Out’. This is a structured, specialist 16-week Personal Development, CV enhancing, Programme designed for young people aged between 16 and 24 aiming to help them into employment education or training.

Disadvantaged and hard to reach young people, doesn’t mean unwilling or unable to contribute to society, the clients given the chance become responsible hard working citizens. Only when people achieve skills, can they feel they have a productive role in society and can then gain in confidence and self esteem, which in turn has a knock on effect on their families, peers, community and local business.

Each project consists of:- 

  • Voluntary Work Placements
  • Community Challengers
  • Continual CV Building
  • Team Building days
  • Daily Job search
  • On-going Advice and support
  • Accredited Certificates that include:-

                                       CIEH L2 Heath and safety

                                       First Aid

                                       Manual Handling    

  • Instruction sessions in:-

                                       Interview Techniques

                                       Diversity Awareness

                                       Customer care

                                       Interview skills

                                       CSCS tuition

  • Speakers and advice:

                                                               Money Management Advice

                                                               MFRS Road Collision Advisory Team

                                                               Sexual Awareness

                                                               Drive safely

                                                               Be Street safe

                                                               Real life success stories

                                                               Drugs awareness

                                                               Alcohol awareness

                                                               Healthy Life Choices

                                                               eakthy H

Supported by a Tomorrow’s People leader and co-ordinator’s, participants volunteer within the community, alongside various community agencies and local businesses.

The group has the opportunity to put back into their local community whilst developing skills, experiencing success and achievement, and improving confidence and self-esteem. 

They Aim to help the members into a daily routine, improve their confidence, work as part of a team and learning new skills.

They offer members further support and guidance after obtaining employment/training or completion of the programme to ensure success continues in the long-term.

They would like Local projects/business to give the youth an opportunity to prove that if you are prepared to give them a chance to work, they won’t let you or themselves down.

Tel: 0151 226 5950

Fax: 0151 226 5951

Mobile: 07823335047


Published On: 4th March 2011